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Here is a breakdown of the costs involved in training karate along with some thoughts that may help you in your decisions.

Whenever we are looking to start a new activity or purchase goods it is inevitable that we look at the costs and proximity to home but these should not be the main factor.  Quality of teaching should be at the top of the list, quality of venue should also be taken into consideration. Paying less can be very costly if the level of tuition is low, not only money but a lot of time can be lost. Likewise, just because the cost is high does not necessarily mean the standard is higher. We recommend that you watch some classes, see what the beginners are being taught and watch the higher graded students as this will tell you more than any words can the standard that you can expect to achieve.

A uniform that is ill fitting can take the students attention away from learning and time is lost on constantly adjusting their dogi.

Here are the costs associated with joining Fushin Ryu Karate.

When you join you pay a tuition fee to the dojo Sensei. This covers two nights a week training and the off peak membership at the Bays Fitness Centre (Brownsbay).

*Karate members who wish to use the Gym are required to have an introduction session with our Personal Trainer. They will make you a program and teach you the safety issues involved. The gym is open from 5am to 11pm 7 days.

Paying for two terms in advance will give students approximately 10% discount.  Paying four terms in advance will give students approximately 20% discount.

Early Payment discount is also available for those paying via Internet before the term starts.

**The monthly AP is the years tuition fees divided equally into 12 payments but at the discount rate of approximately 10%. Automatic payment is only available to students who have already trained in FRK for at least one year. Once the AP is started it will not be subject to tuition fee increases as long as no payments are missed. The lastest rate applies if the AP has been stopped or a payment missed.

Senior students Tuition Fees are higher as they have more classes in the year and the class times are generally longer as well as having access to the gym. Teenage students that train in the senior class will have these "advantages" but with lower fees until they turn 18 years of age.


Tuition Fees (Inc GST)

 Monthly AP*             
 1 Term  2 Terms
 4 Terms 
5 – 17 years old (and full time students)
$75.00$250.00 $450.00  $810.00 
Adults $85.00          
 $510.00 $920.00  

Kuro Obi                           

n/a $600.00** 
FAMILY SPECIALSMonthly AP         
 1 Term      
 2 Terms       
4 Terms 
2 children$135.00
$445.00 $810.00 $1,455.00 
3 children $191.00$630.00 $1146.00 $2,063.00 
1 Adult*  + 1 Child $144.00$475.00 $864.00 $1556.00 
1 Adult*  + 2 Children $200.00$660.00 $1200.00 $2160.00 
1 Adult*  + 3 Children
 $248.00$818.00 $1488.00 $2679.00 
2 Adults*+ 1 Child $208.00$686.00 $1248.00 $2247.00 
2 Adults*+ 2 Children $256.00$844.00 $1536.00 $2765.00 
2 Adults*+ 3 Children $296.00$976.00 $1776.00 $3197.00 
2 Adults*  $153.00$505.00 $918.00 $1653.00   


Archers Rd & Pt Chev dojo   Sensei Len        national    06 0115 0189552 00    (Bays Karate)

Brownsbay dojo                   Sensei Duane     westpac   03 1322 0034224 00    (BFC)




FRK NZ Annual Registration Fee  

Pay to: FRK NZ westpac 031322 0041942 00

Every student is required to register with FRK NZ. This is an annual cost of $50. Family discounts are listed below. FRK NZ is a member of Fushin Ryu Karate International and a member of Karate New Zealand. FRK NZ maintains the website, organises gradings, camps, Tournaments. Trips to Japan and Prizegiving. Seven club tournaments are organised each year, these are free to enter for members. Points are totalled from the year’s competitions and winners awarded prizes at the end of the year prizegiving. Top Student, Most Improved and Excellent attendance awards are also given. FRK also organises bigger tournaments such as the Sugihara Cup and offers training for Tournament officials.


 Students x 1
x 2
x 3
 x 4
x 5
 Join in Term One (1st Feb)
 $50 $90 $120 $140
 Join in Term Two $40 $70 $95 $120 $125
 Join in Term Three $30 $50 $70 $90 $100
 Join in Term Four $20 $30 $40 $50 $60
 Pay for Term 4 and the following Year $60 $105
 $165 $180




Uniform (Dogi)

The Karate Uniform is called a Dogi. Do = Training  Gi = Clothes

A karate uniform is not required straight away, we believe it should be earned. We recommend that students can earn the right to wear a dogi (if not doing so already) by taking on some responsibilites around the home. For example keeping thier room clean without being asked. There are different types of unforms, cotton, polycotton, ribbed cotton and canvas to name but a few. Fushin Ryu karate students wear a white dogi. You are able to purchase a Sugihara brand dogi from your Instructor. The unform comes with a belt and is embroidered with the Fushin Ryu logo. They are designed to fit well with no need for alterations. If you already have a dogi you can purchase a logo for $20 or have one embroidered directly on for $25.

  Achieve Polycotton
 Kumite Ribbed Polycotton
Kata 12oz Canvas
 120cm $67  
 130cm $69  
 140cm $71  
 150cm $73  
 160cm $75  
 170cm $77  
 180cm $79  
 190cm $81  
 200cm $83  
 210cm $85  



What else will I need?

 The basis of Karate is Self defence.  Once a student has an understanding of the basic movements an element of partner work will be involved. At this point  safety equipment will need to be purchased.

The basic equipment needed for the class will be a molded mouthguard and karate gloves. Shinguard and instep protectors are also recommended. Karate training is designed to make the practitioner stronger in both mind and body, that being said, while making your body stronger it helps to be able to make it to work or school the next day. Protective equipment will assist with this.

  KNZ Sugihara WKF  SMA
 WKF Adidas
 Karate Gloves                                Red    Blue
 $30 $35 $50
 Shinguard and Instep Protectors      Red    Blue $50 $75 $95
 Female Chest Protectors
 Body Armor  $80 $165 
 Face Mask $80 $195 
 Mouthguard $6  
 Groinguard $25 $35 



As Fushin Ryu Karate Students progress through the grades weapon training will begin.  Jo and Bo will be required from around blue and purple belt level and Sai will be required from around purple and brown belt level.

 Jo $15-$28  
 Bo $20-$38  
 Sai $45  
 Rubber Nuncahku


**$125 SPECIAL JOINING OFFER** Basic Starters Kit.  Start off prepared!

Uniform        Hand mits    Shinguard and instep protectors      FRK Backpack

$67-$85       $30              $50                                             $30                

$177-$195 value   for only $125

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